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Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community Council Audit Committee - Terms of Reference

Senate Order on Entity Contracts (RMG 403):

WBACC, as a Corporate Commonwealth Entity, is required to report each year on any contracts it has entered over the value of $100k.

WBACC has entered two contracts over the value of $100k in the 2021-22 Financial year and both contracts have concluded during the year.

Contractor: ALI Civil Pty Ltd

Value: $127k; $170K

Deliverable: WBACC Asbestos Remediation Project, Wreck Bay Village; Demolition of Old Community Hall and Child Care Centre, Wreck Bay Village.

Commencement Date: 8th July 2021; 10th October 2021

End date: 26th August 2021; 2nd November 2021.

The accountable authority of WBACC has assured that the listed contracts do not contain any inappropriate confidentiality provisions.

Deleted: Reason for inclusion of confidentiality clause: to protect any WBACC information deemed confidential.