Gudjahgahmiamia Early Learning Centre

Vision Statement
The Gudjahgahmiamia M.A.C.S Early Learning Centre is a community based service our objective is to provide high quality affordable education that ensures the emotional well being, physical safety and security of children in a culturally appropriate environment which offers specific stimulating experiences in accordance with the individual developmental needs of the child.


Gudjahgahmiamia Early Learning Centre

7 Bunaan Close, Wreck Bay Village, Jervis Bay 2540

Open from 8:00am– 4:30pm, Monday– Friday

We operate for 48 weeks per year (excluding ACT and NSW Public Holidays, Community Funerals and Staff Development days which you will be notified in writing as they arise)

The Centre closes for 4 weeks over the Christmas and New Year Period.


Gudjahgahmiamia M.A.C.S Early Learning Centre is a purpose Built Centre which was built to better provide Aboriginal Families in the Wreck Bay Community and surrounding areas with a holistic approach to Early Childhood Care and Education. It is a Multifunctional Aboriginal Children’s Service which provides long day care for 29 children 0-6 years of age. The Service is Multifunctional in that it provides additional services to children and families which are otherwise difficult to access and is a flexible centre that continues to develop and extend services according to the changing community needs.


Priority of Access

  • Aboriginal Children 0-5 years
    • Aboriginal children at risk
    • Aboriginal children of low socio-economic background
    • Aboriginal children with “special needs” (disability)
    • Aboriginal children whose parents are sole parents at home
    • Aboriginal children of parents who are studying/working
  • Non-Aboriginal children 0-5 years
    • Non-Aboriginal children at risk
    • Non-Aboriginal children of low socio-economic background
    • Non-Aboriginal children with “special needs” (disability)
    • Non-Aboriginal children of parents who are studying/working

Gudjahgahmiamia M.A.C.S. Early Learning Centre is an Indigenous Service, but does not discriminate against any child or family wishing to access the service, first adhering to the order of priority of access guidelines above.It must be noted that if an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander family need care for their child and there are no available spaces then a non-aboriginal family may be required to reduce the number of days that their child attends, so that we can accommodate the needs of the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander family.


Staff of Gudjahgahmiamia have a strong commitment to the care and education of young children. Our philosophy reflects our commitment to excellence in children’s learning, relationships and growth. We believe that from birth children are “sponges for Knowledge” and that it is our role to guide and support their development to equip them with lifelong skills in a culturally appropriate, safe environment that is secure and healthy.

  • “The child, no matter how young, is a human being with many skills and abilities, a thinking, feeling person who is a powerful and active contributor to his or her own learning.” (NSW Curriculum Framework).

At Gudjahgahmiamia we strive to provide a play based, self directed curriculum where activities are chosen by children and are guided by the staff to encourage meaningful and relevant learning experiences.