Current Board

Annette Brown – Chairperson

Annette has been involved with both the Board and the administration of the Council for many years and has made a commitment to advance the Community in the areas of governance, land management and community services whilst protecting the unique arrangements within our community.

Julie Freeman

Julie is employed at Booderee National Park as an Interpretations officer. This is a role with responsibilities to both the Park and to the Community. Julie’s ability to interpret culturally appropriate stories and Park information to the public is widely recognised. She brings the cultural sensitivity and appropriateness to the Board to consider with all negotiations and opportunities.

Beverly Ardler

Bev has been employed with the ACT Department of Education since 2000, and has a strong commitment to help our children through education and social and emotional development. She holds a degree in Social and Emotional Development and Wellbeing. She has a passion to help teach our children about their culture and feels that it is vital for the children to have a voice in our community.

Jeffrey McLeod

Jeff is a board member who was raised and lived on Wreck Bay all his life. He has worked in Nowra for 10 years and now works for WBACC in the Roads Department. He is passionate about anything regarding Wreck Bay issues.

Clive Freeman

Born in Yuin country, Clive has dedicated his life to the conservation of the world’s oldest surviving culture.  As an Aboriginal scientist he has combined an understanding of the Arts and Culture with a deep conservation ethic to enrich caring for country in both natural and cultural heritage management.

Erica Ardler – Board Mamber